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Warehouse fork module forklift

Kucha Modular Forklift is an electric forklift that adopts modular design thinking. It can split the entire forklift into two standard modules: a front frame and a rear operating rod. The front frame adopts market standard universal frame (or non-standard customized frame), which is compatible with various frame functions and achieves universal adaptability between modules; The rear operating lever integrates complete electrical functions, which can achieve different functions such as lifting, tilting, or lateral movement according to the frame function, plug and play, convenient and flexible.

TO2 integrated AI drive rod+frame

The control module, energy module, drive module, and frame module together form the forklift with a storage fork module

Control module

The control module integrates complete control functions, including: forward and backward displacement function; Hydraulic function for ascending and descending; Emergency braking, safety braking in case of power loss, high torque for starting and climbing, auxiliary parking on half slopes, and other functions. Equipped with a turtle speed, charging port, speaker, main power switch, and the ability to configure a Bluetooth key, truly achieving mobile phone management.

Energy module

The T02 model integrated pole adopts A-level battery cells, which are safer and more reliable. According to different endurance requirements, 48V10AH, 48V15AH, or 48V20AH batteries can be selected.

The T03 model integrated pole does not come with its own battery, and the battery compartment is located outside the frame, making it more lightweight and convenient to use.

Drive module

The drive module is a motor that can achieve walking drive, lifting drive, and magnetic braking. It is equipped with a fully functional hydraulic kit and a reduction gear set, with a simple structure and long-lasting durability. The motor can be freely equipped with different powers ranging from 600W to 1200W, achieving different load requirements.

Frame module

Adopting a simple and durable riveting structure, it can be quickly replaced. Customized according to usage scenarios, compatible with general manual forklift frames on the market, and providing unlimited possibilities for upgrading electric forklifts to manual forklift frames. Provide flexible choices and personalized configurations.

TO3 integrated AI drive rod+frame

Warehouse fork · module accessories

Renowned for professional design and quality, it is an ideal choice for the forklift industry.

Module accessories recommendation

Diversified products, there is always one that suits you

Frame (width 550mm)

Frame weight 42kg

The designed load capacity of the frame is 2 tons

Lithium battery installable

Frame (width 685mm)

Frame weight 45kg

The designed load capacity of the frame is 2 tons

A frame that can be installed with lithium batteries

lithium battery

Battery capacity: 48V10AH~48V15AH

Discharge current: 30A

Lead acid battery

Battery capacity: 48V10AH~48V15AH

Discharge current: 30A

T02 integrated Ai drive rod

The rod body comes with a battery

Suitable for ordinary transport frames and non-standard frames

Matching lithium battery capacity 48V10AH/48V15AH

T03 integrated Ai drive rod

Suitable for ordinary transport frames, battery frames, and non-standard frames

The pole body does not come with a battery, making it more lightweight and convenient to use

About us

Customized manufacturer of module accessories

Wuxi Kucha Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. is a reliable forklift accessory manufacturer for you!

Wuxi Kucha Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. is a new force rooted in electric handling equipment, born to accelerate the development process of electrification of handling equipment. The company's original intention is to provide the industry with safer, more reliable, and durable cost-effective solutions for electric handling forklift products, allowing manual handling to accelerate the electrification process, making handling safer, more efficient, and worry free.

We focus on technological innovation in the assembly of forklift models, dividing the entire vehicle into 2-3 standard module components, which are the frames that determine the vehicle model, the integrated rods that integrate power, control, transmission, and other system assemblies, as well as lead-acid or lithium batteries; At the same time, the overall structure is compact and the volume is compact, making the handling forklift equipment suitable for more usage scenarios, and the component configuration strives to be the top of the industry; Allowing partners to choose and assemble their own parts, striving for a more diversified customization of the entire vehicle, making the user's use process safe, reliable, convenient, and durable!

Six reasons for choosing fork handling equipment

We adhere to the principles of good quality, innovation, and reliability, and all accessories undergo strict quality control and testing. We provide durable and reliable forklift accessories, whether you need to replace existing accessories or upgrade your forklift, we can provide you with a solution.

Modular design

Adopting modular design thinking, forklift merchants can freely match batteries, motors, and functional frames according to user needs, giving them unlimited possibilities.

Light logistics

The entire vehicle is shipped in a spare parts manner, effectively reducing the volume and weight of forklifts, and changing the pattern where electric forklifts can only use "designated logistics".

DIY modification market

The front functional frame can be customized according to usage scenarios, while the integrated AI drive rod integrates drive and control modules, providing unlimited possibilities for the DIY aftermarket.

Stable product quality

Adhere to high quality standards and ensure that every forklift accessory meets industry standards through strict quality control and testing processes.

Easy to repair

Modular design makes maintenance more convenient, allowing for quick inspection of damaged components and quick repair of machine functions through module replacement.

Instant service

We provide 24/7 instant services with the aim of providing customers with continuously innovative and cost-effective collaborative services.


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